Athletic Complex Renovation





Athletic Complex Groundbreaking Took Place November 4, 2021 at Clark Field

St. Anthony High School is proud to announce that a decade of hard work and determination has come to fruition and culminated with a special groundbreaking event for the renovation of the athletic facility. On November 4, 2021 St. Anthony High School was honored to welcome Mayor Robert Garcia and Councilwoman of the 5th District, Stacy Mungo for this special event. The site plan for the athletic complex renovation was formally approved by the City of Long Beach on November 1st and construction is set to begin on the first phase of the project in early December. 


The realization of this project would not be possible without the generosity of Shea Family Charities, alumni, current school families, and a broad base of community friends.


August 24th, 2021



Long Beach, CA - St. Anthony High School will build a new 21st Century Athletic Field Complex in 2021 located on its current Clark Field location. This long-awaited major renovation project is moving forward thanks to a generous $6 million gift from Shea Family Charities and gifts received from alumni, current school families, and a broad base of community friends.   

Architecture and building services will be provided by two local firms well-versed in the development of high school athletic fields -  Lloyd Sports & Engineering and Slater Builders. The project is currently estimated at $11.6 million and will include a new turf football/soccer playing field, six-lane regulation track, bleacher seating, and facilities accommodating girls and boys athletic programming. 

 The 9.6 acre field property, located at 4800 Clark Avenue on the north border of Long Beach, was gifted to St. Anthony Parish in 1945 by The Montana Land Company. The acquisition was realized through the vision of St. Anthony Parish’s longest serving Pastor, Msgr. Bernard J. Dolan, and it was, from the start, designated as an athletic field for St. Anthony High School’s athletic programs and school activities.  

Soon after its opening, the new “St. Anthony’s Memorial Field” was host to the high school’s first CIF Championship Team in 1948. From that point forward, it has been in continuous use for high school athletics and a variety of school activities. Saints for over seven decades have called this field home, returning again and again to relive high school memories and create new ones.  

Field renovation planning has been in the works since 2011 when the first task force was formed to find a path forward to revitalize the property. In November, 2018, St. Anthony High School launched The Building Our Future Campaign to develop funds to support the project. Throughout 2019 and early 2020, over $4.3 million was fundraised to support the project. This recent gift of $6 million from Shea Family Charities completed Phase One fundraising. This major gift represents the largest single donation the high school has received since the 1940s.

The Building Our Future Campaign will continue fundraising to complete Phase 1 and launch Phase 2 of the property renovation, accommodating baseball and softball programs on the northern portion of the field. An estimated $4 million is required to complete this second phase and the entire project.

Founded in 1920, St. Anthony High School is Long Beach’s only Catholic, college preparatory high school. This year, SAHS is celebrating its Centennial, a milestone achieved by just a handful of institutions in the greater Long Beach area. More information about this project and St. Anthony High School is available on the school’s website, 


Thank you to all of our donors! 


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