Tuition & Fees

SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021
As a Catholic school not supported by state funds, St. Anthony High School is a tuition-based school relying on tuition and fees for its operating budget support. However with the cost to educate students being roughly the same as publicly funded schools, St. Anthony High School relies on parent support and volunteerism, to make up the difference that is not covered by tuition alone.

Please Note: At St. Anthony High School, there is NO MANDATORY FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENT.
SAHS tuition amounts INCLUDE the following:
Annual Standardized Testing
ASB Student Activities
Campus Ministry Program
College Visits
FACTS tuition annual service fee
iPad annual filtering license/ongoing program costs
$100 Annual Technology Fee
Lab Fees (arts and science)
Tutoring Program
Grades 9-11
$9,800 (Catholic), $10,100 (non-Catholic), $15,100 (International Students)

Grade 12 - includes graduation fees, senior retreat & Grad Night
$10,275 (Catholic), $10,525 (non-Catholic), $15,550 (International Students)
Each family is required to complete 25 hours of service per year (12.5 hours for single parent/military).
Each family is required to enroll in the e-scrip program.
Each family is required to register their student and two adults for the annual SAINTS RUN 5K.
Uniforms and books are the responsibility of the parents.

Tuition is payable in 12 installments starting in July and ending in June. Tuition payments are made through the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Enrollment in FACTS is mandatory.  A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed if any payment is not received within 10 days from your established payment due date. All tuition must be directly debited from a bank account.
A $400 discount will be awarded if tuition is paid in full by June 8, 2020. Payment must be made using cash, check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted for payment-in-full discount.

A $50, non-refundable fee, is due with application.  This amount will be applied as a credit to the registration fee. 

$500 is due on March 18-19, 2020 for incoming Freshmen.  The paid $50 application fee will be deducted from this registration fee.  Registration fee is non-refundable.
There is a one-time iPad Program Fee which is only charged the first year of student attendance.  This fee includes a case for the device.
1 - Pay-In-Full Discount Option: $800 per student, payable June 8, 2020
2 - Payment Plan Option: $75 per month over 12 months, added to monthly tuition payment
$175 per sport (does not include Spirit Pack Fees or Team Fundraising)
Each student athlete is required to sell a minimum of one golf ball for entry into the Chopper Dropper opportunity in support of the annual Golf Classic.