Consultative School Board

St. Anthony High School's Consultative School Board was founded in 2002 to provide direction and vision for the high school to ensure a quality Catholic education and guarantee the sustainability of the school.
A "Consultative School Board", as defined in "A Primer On Educational Governance In The Catholic Church", assists the President and Principal in the governance of the school. A consultative school board is a body that participates in the policy-making process by formulating, adopting and recommending policy to the person(s) with authority to enact these policies. The persons with authority are required to consult the board before making decisions in designated areas, but are not bound by the board's advice. 
The Consultative School Board (CSB) has as its sole concern the ministry of Catholic school education. The CSB, operating under the guidance of the Department of Catholic Schools and the Superintendent of Schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and in conformity with the Archdiocesan School Policies, shall concern itself with policy matters pertaining to the mission and goals of the school. In addition, the board provides direction and vision for the school, ensures quality Catholic education and guarantees the sustainability of the human, material and financial capital of the school. 
The CBS provides advice and counsel particularly in these areas: 
  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Policy Formulation
  3. Evaluation of plans, mission effectiveness and board self-evaluation
  4. Institutional Advancement/Development
  5. Financial Planning and Financial Management
  6. Communication and Mission Enhancement
The board consists of a membership of not less than nine, but not more than 21 members, appointed by the President of St. Anthony High School in consultation with the Department of Catholic Schools. 
Regularly appointed members serve for a four year term. Membership is renewable by mutual agreement beyond a four year term. Any board member who is absent from three consecutive regular board meetings or a total of three board meetings in a year shall be deemed to have resigned as a board member unless reinstated with written approval of the President of the high school.
Michael Curran - Chair 
Steve James - Vice Chair
Tim McBride, Treasurer 
Gina Rushing Maguire, SAHS President 
Marcelo Eureste, SAHS Principal
Gina Mascaro - Director of Advancement
Bedelia Honeycutt
Judy Hunter
Kimberly Jetton
LaTima Jones
Michael LeBlanc
Mary Jo Mais
Ken Miller
Lynne Flaherty Misajon
Marlene Moncure
Terese Parkin 
Tim Schugt
Larry Thompson
Fr. George Aguilera - St. Anthony Parish Pastor
Thom Gasper  - Assistant Superintendent of High Schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles