St. Anthony High School (SAHS) is located at 620 Olive Avenue in Long Beach, California, near the heart of downtown within the City’s vibrant Arts District. High school buildings are adjacent to St. Anthony Church, the founding Parish, and St. Anthony Elementary School.


SAHS was founded in 1920 as Long Beach’s first and only Catholic high school, built on St. Anthony Parish property, designed to serve the entire greater Long Beach area. The main campus consists of four two or three story buildings constructed as a private school in the late 1910s and 1920s, repaired and expanded after the 1933 earthquake, and further expanded in the 1940s. The structures are all concrete frame with clay tile mansard and rolled composition roof materials, basements, new windows and stucco exterior.


The buildings are defined as the A (Administration) Building (Shea Hall), the B Building, the L (Library) Building and the S (Science) Building. The total building area is 93,903 square feet, situated upon a street-to-street parcel located from the west line of Olive Avenue to an alley on the east, from 6th to 7th Street, excluding the Parish Center, in the Downtown Planned Development District of Long Beach, California. The high school is a secure, closed campus. The four buildings encircle a center Courtyard which provides a gathering place for the entire school community on a daily basis, including lunchtime, breaks and before and after classes. The S Building houses a full industrial-grade prep kitchen serving prepared food for students, faculty and staff daily.


In 1948, the new “St. Anthony Catholic Center” was dedicated with the words “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body) emblazoned on the concrete façade over the entrance. In 1991, the Gymnasium was dedicated as “Jack Errion Memorial Gymnasium” in honor of legendary coach and teacher Jack Errion.


The two story plus basement Gymnasium is located at 854 East 6th Street, Long Beach, constructed of poured concrete walls and support structures, with a lightweight steel truss roof structure. The interior has a full size basketball/volleyball court as its focal point, illuminated by ceiling-mounted lighting. The court has hardwood flooring, built-in concrete bleachers on three sides, score boards at each end, a speaker system, and metal frame casement windows. Above the easterly portion of the court is a second floor, which includes offices and meeting rooms. Beneath the court is a full concrete basement divided into men’s and women’s locker rooms, including showers, restrooms, lockers, a weight room and storage areas. The total building area of the Gymnasium is 34, 121 square feet, consisting of a 15, 514.75 square foot main floor, a 3,091.5 square foot second floor and a 15,514.75 square foot basement.


Surrounding the Gymnasium is a wrought-iron fenced asphalt paved parking area with two rear accesses to the building. The building is located on a corner parcel located on the southwest corner of 6th Street and Alamitos Avenue in the Downtown Planned Development District of Long Beach. Lot area: 40,330 square feet.


In 1945, a 9.56 acre parcel of land located at 4700 Clark Avenue in Long Beach was gifted to St. Anthony Parish and designated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as SAHS Memorial Stadium for the high school’s athletic activities and programs. The field opened in 1947 and has been in continuous use for SAHS athletics since its founding, including soccer, track, and baseball. The facility features a field house, press box, clay dirt track, and a baseball field which opened in 1984. The field is known as “Clark Field”, in honor of the Clark family who donated the property, and for whom Clark Avenue is named. Currently, an initiative is underway to fully renovate this treasured facility.