Service & Outreach Elective

The Christian Leadership class provides formation for Christian leaders who will bring about transformation in our community and our world. Programs are modeled after Christ’s example of forming disciples and sending them forth into the world. The goal is to serve. 


This class has developed partnerships with local organizations and spends a great deal of their class time off-campus in direct service with others. Some of the organizations that we have partnered with include:

  • Precious Lamb Preschool
  • Colonial Care Center
  • Regency Palms Senior Living
  • Catholic Charities Long Beach
  • Miller Children’s Hospital
  • Heal the Bay
  • St. Anthony Elementary School
  • New Life Beginnings


In addition to direct service within the community, this class is charged with ensuring that every student at St. Anthony has access and information to local non-profit organizations for the completion of their personal service hours. They keep the student body updated on service opportunities in their area and help verify and calculate student hours.


This class is open to seniors through an application and interview process. Because the class is limited in size, selection into the class can be challenging.