Theatre Arts

St. Anthony High School offers a dynamic Theatre Arts Program that provides an educational and nurturing environment for young artists to train and grow. Under the direction of Kristin Nemecek the program seeks to provide students with high quality performance training and specialized guidance for those students who wish to pursue theatre-related majors in college. The Theatre Arts Program takes a holistic approach to educational theatre by providing instruction and opportunities not only in performance, but in technical theatre, management, and design as well. Students who are interested in joining the “family” should contact Ms. Nemecek at [email protected].  


After-School Productions
Two full-length productions are produced each school year. Guest artists with professional experiences in New York and regional theatre are brought in to complete the production team for each show. The rehearsal processes are modeled after professional practices. By incorporating this rigorous style into a high school environment, students achieve at a higher level and develop a deeper passion for the craft. There are plenty of opportunities for students interested in performance, tech/backstage work, and design to gain practical experiences and training by participating in this after-school program. 


International Thespian Society (Troupe #8729)
The International Thespian Society is the official honor society for high school theatre programs. By joining ITS, students are formally recognized for their accomplishments, commitment, and dedication to the Theatre Arts. Once a member, students have access to arts scholarships, insider college information, and opportunities to earn high level honors to include in their college applications. 


Theatre Arts Courses: 

Theatre Arts I
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12                    Prerequisites: None 

This is a course for students interested in the history of theatre, performing in front of an audience, and gaining confidence in speaking in front of others. Curriculum will include monologues and improv skills. All students will be required to perform in front of the class several times over the course of the year. Participation in the fall and spring production are encouraged.


Theatre Arts II 
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12                             Prerequisites: Theatre I 

This course builds on the curriculum covered in Theatre I. Students will continue to work on improv and monologue skills, with additional emphasis on script writing and developing a performance. All students will be required to perform in front of the class several times over the course of the year. Participation in the fall and spring production are encouraged.


Theatre Arts III
Grade Level: 11, 12                            Prerequisites: Theatre II

In this course, students will analyze and direct scenes ranging from classical to contemporary published works of literary and dramatic merit with a focus on developing a unique and collaborative sense of artistic expression while still honoring the playwrights’ perceived styles and intentions. Students will learn the fundamentals of theatrical directing which includes the history of the function of the director through today, and developing a new way of thinking about theatre in terms of new techniques, styles, vocabulary, and collaborative ways of communication that are unique to the role of the director, and how artistic expression through the theatre arts can be a vehicle to convey strong messages and advocate for change. Towards the conclusion of the second semester, all students will direct and prepare a thoughtfully chosen scene for a showcase that demonstrates their understanding of the material listed above as well as their ability to see the production of a dramatic work through all phases of the production process, including artistic conceptualization and tech.

Musical Theatre
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12                Prerequisites: Audition Required & Instructor Approval

Students will study the major principles of musical theater from the actors perspective. Relevant skills will be developed through various exercises and preparation of Musical Theatre material. The course will include presentations and discussions about musical theatre history, development in recent years, and other related topics. This is both an academic and performance based class, designed to introduce musical theatre techniques and literature to students. Students will participate in extensive study of acting, vocal, and audition techniques across a wide range of styles. Students will perform a scene and/or song in a showcase style performance at the end of each semester. 


Technical Theatre
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12              Prerequisites: None

Technical Theatre is a class that focuses on the non-performance aspects of theatre. Using mathematical concepts, aesthetics appreciation, application of scientific principles, and an understanding of the elements of theater and theatre production, the technical theatre student will design sets, lights, and costumes, and receive practical instruction and practice creating sets, lights, and costumes for various productions.

Past Performances
Little Shop of Horrors (Spring 2023)
Our Town (Fall 2022)
Footloose (Spring 2022) 
Now Here This (Spring 2021) 
Twelfth Night (Fall 2020) 
Peter and the Starcatcher (Fall 2019) 
Into the Woods (Spring 2019) 
The Addams Family (Fall 2018)
Godspell (Spring 2018) 
Legally Blonde (Fall 2017) 
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Spring 2017)