Message from Pastor

Fr. George Aguilera - Pastor, St. Anthony Parish


On July 1st, 2018, Fr. George Aguilera became the newly appointed Pastor of St. Anthony Parish. Formerly, he served as Pastor of another St. Anthony’s – St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Gardena. He was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the Boyle Heights neighborhood, attending Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School and St. John’s Seminary. Fr. George has been a priest for 36 years.


On July 2nd, St. Anthony High School welcomed Fr. George on campus for the first time. This visit proved to be the first of many enjoyed by our entire school community over the coming weeks and months. Fr. George is always welcomed on campus by students, faculty, staff, coaches, alumni and community time and time again, an active participant in campus life and the mission of our school. 


In the 2023-2024 school year, Fr. George continues to inspire and support us all with his vision of unity and shared mission, serving God and our entire community. What a blessing! 


According to Fr. George, “When I began my assignment as Pastor of Saint Anthony Church, I was eager to listen to parishioners and become acquainted with their stories. I soon learned the history of the Parish and the influence that St. Anthony High School has played on the lives of its alumni and families.


“One cannot speak of Saint Anthony Parish without mentioning St. Anthony High School. For many alumni, whether they reside in the Parish or not, the two are inseparable. Several alumni approached me with a familiarity that is grounded in a good positive experience with St. Anthony High School. They feel I am their Priest. This is my vision for our High School.


“In their pursuit of a Catholic high school education, I envision St. Anthony High School to be a place where all students can grow in their faith through academics, sports and other school activities. By being present to the students, their families, as well as faculty and staff, I hope to instill in them a bond with our Church so that later in life, as they approach the Pastor of Saint Anthony, they may know that he is their Priest.”


Fr. George Aguilera... Always a Saint!