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Saints Athletic Complex Brick:


Building Our Future...
The reputation of the Saints, built over almost 100 years as Long Beach’s only Catholic high school, is fueled by our past and renewed through the lives and successes of our current students. Today, our school is thriving, however we are ever-aware that any healthy institution must continually innovate and improve in order to remain vital and compete in today’s society. At this time in our history, the challenge before us is the critical need to renovate our 73 year-old athletic field property located on Clark Avenue which has served as “The Home of the Saints” since its opening in 1947.

This 9.5 acre property has been in continuous use since it was gifted to St. Anthony Parish in 1945, designated from the start as St. Anthony High School’s Athletic Field. Today, the groundwork is complete for the full renovation of this property. We are excited to present this unique opportunity to you to help us lay the foundation of THE BUILDING OUR FUTURE CAMPAIGN by raising funds for the renovation of St. Anthony’s Athletic Complex. Together we can pave the way to a brighter future.


If you would like to purchase a brick, please call Jessica Zanatta at 562-435-4496 ex. 1241. 


Centennial Courtyard Brick: 


SAHS completed installation of new shade sail structures in the courtyard on our main campus previous to the dedication. This project was made possible by The Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation and the Ahmanson Foundation. The students, faculty, and staff have utilized its shade between the A-Building and S-Building, calling this space the "Centennial Plaza." On either sides of the shade sails, brick walkways were also installed for these Centennial Courtyard Walkway Paver Bricks. The SAHS Centennial Courtyard was dedicated on Friday, June 25, 2021 to commemorate the anniversary of SAHS opening its doors back in September of 1920.


If you would like to send in a check to purchase your brick, please download the form below. If you would rather pay with a Credit Card, please click on "Purchase a Centennial Courtyard Brick."