Christian Service Program

Building “Students for Others” is the primary goal of our Christian Service Program here at St. Anthony High School.  


The purpose of the Christian Service Program is to teach the principle that Christian life goes beyond the mastery of concepts and beliefs contained in the school’s Religion classes. The Gospel of Salvation should elicit from each Christian a response to God’s love. Jesus taught and the Church has steadfastly maintained that an appropriate response to the Gospel is rooted in performing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, as well as works of social justice. (cf. Matthew 25:31 ff)


One of the goals of St. Anthony Campus Ministry is to encourage the development of leadership skills and to provide opportunities to exercise leadership. St. Anthony Campus Ministry believes that leadership goes beyond planning, management, communication and interpersonal skills. Service hours are a way of helping our students recognize their value to the greater community in hopes of developing young men and women who lead a life that includes service to others.


Community service is an integral part of St. Anthony High School and all students are required to complete Christian Service hours for graduation. Community service hours are to be completed by December 1st (half of required hours) and May 1st (second half of required hours). All Christian Service Hours are to be submitted through x2VOL Service Hour Tracking.  Part of their Theology grade will be the completion of their service hours.  


Each student is required to fulfill a designated number of Christian service hours. There is a 100-hour service requirement for graduation.  The following is a minimum requirement for all students:


  • Freshmen: 20 hours
  • Sophomores: 20 hours
  • Juniors: 30 hours
  • Seniors: 30 hours


The number of Christian service hours required of each student is considered only a minimum. St. Anthony wholeheartedly encourages each student to respond to the gospel message of service by participating in an even greater measure than is asked. Two students from the graduating senior class will receive the Archdiocesan Christian Service Award and will be recognized at a ceremony at the Cathedral in Los Angeles.


To prevent Christian service from becoming an extension of insulation, the project must go beyond one’s family, immediate or otherwise. Work must be done at a non-profit charitable organization.


Transfer students entering after the beginning of the school year will be required to do at least half the number of required hours for that year. Students who transfer in after Freshman year will not be required to complete the minimum hours for any years they were not at St. Anthony, and their 100-hour requirement will be adjusted to reflect the years they attended St. Anthony.  Hours completed at other high schools can be transferred to cover the years they attended that school.



St. Anthony High School Campus Ministry will frequently alert the student body of opportunities to do community service in the area.  A Christian Service board is located outside the Student Life office with flyers and contact information for local organizations that would welcome students for the completion of service hours.


Disclaimer: Many of our promoted service hours opportunities will not provide a faculty or staff member at the actual event. It is understood that there may not be transportation or any on-site supervision from any faculty or staff of St. Anthony High School at a service project that their son or daughter attends. It is the ultimate responsibility of the parent(s) to investigate and site and determine that it is a safe and appropriate environment for their child


Christian service hours may be accumulated after school hours, on weekends, and during summer vacation. Service hours can also be completed through a classroom project or within a student’s club or class government. Summer projects, if approved, will be credited toward the incoming year’s requirement.


All Christian service hours must be recorded on a service hour log sheet, available through Religion classes or in the Student Life office. The form can also be downloaded from this site. The appropriate signatures must be present and valid for the hours to be credited.


*You may download the PDF on the right column of this page to find service organizations and websites to complete your service hours.

*You may download the PDF on the right column of this page to find service organizations and websites to complete your service hours.