President's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the St. Anthony High School website! 


The 2020-2021 school year marks St. Anthony High School’s 100th year of continuous service and contribution to the greater Long Beach community. This school year is remarkable for this milestone, achieved by few schools, organizations or businesses, and for the fact that people everywhere this year are going through a health and economic crisis experienced by few since the Spanish Flu of 1918. 


Yes, it’s interesting to note that St. Anthony High School was envisioned and built in the midst of another pandemic which began in 1918 and raged for more than two years. During this time, the Pastor of St. Anthony Parish and a group of founding visionary leaders established our school as Long Beach’s first Catholic high school, demonstrating great resilience and tenacity, backed by faith. 


Then and now, our school continues to exhibit remarkable commitment to the original mission of our founders as we provide a Catholic college preparatory high school experience for students from all backgrounds, grounded in faith, hope and love. Today, SAHS is a recognized leader in Catholic education throughout the United States, and is among the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ most viable and innovative high schools. 


Throughout 2020, SAHS has responded to the current health crisis as we always do, with a focus on faith, and a “can do” attitude that enables us to meet all challenges as a team. We have responded to the needs of the present and continued planning for the future.  Throughout 2020, our school nimbly responded to changing requirements while keeping the safety and well-being of our students front and center.  


Responding to the challenge to develop a new learning environment that keeps students safe but accommodates continued learning, our team created a new Transitional Hybrid Learning Model for implementation this school year which helps ensure that students remain on track and no student is left behind. 


This Centennial Year of Celebration marks my 20th year as President of St. Anthony High School, I am more proud than ever to be a SAINT. 


I am also more proud than ever to report that our iconic school remains strong and growing, connected both internally and externally, with our school community, decades of alumni and the greater Long Beach community. We are an inspiring "tower of truth and guide for youth", well-positioned for continued success in our next century of service.  


As a graduate, I know first-hand the value of a St. Anthony education. This education offers students the rare opportunity to learn and grow within a caring, nurturing, top academic environment during some of their most formative years. An SAHS education is, in fact, an irreplaceable treasure, an investment in the future, a gift for life.


Small classes enable each student to be known and receive personalized attention. A strong college preparatory curriculum prepares each student for success in college, career and life. Extra-curricular activities, including a comprehensive, competitive sports program, provide challenges for balanced growth in all areas - body, mind, soul and spirit. And a campus-wide commitment to Catholic values and faith provides a basis for ethical leadership and life-long service beyond self. 


The 2020-2021 school year will, no doubt, be unlike any other in the history of our school for many reasons, but it will also continue the wealth of tradition and academic excellence that make up the essential character of our school. Providing leadership in Catholic education, St. Anthony High School is once again trailblazing a new path as we adapt to new ways of learning, based on a combination of faith, technology and human connection.  


Every student attending St. Anthony High School is not just part of a school community. Each is part of a family, a family of Saints. The friendships and connections our students form while attending SAHS are proven to last a lifetime, and graduates return again and again to their alma mater. Once a Saint, always a Saint is often said, because it is often true. 


For me, the faith, social consciousness and leadership of the Immaculate Heart Sisters and the Brothers of Holy Cross who were teachers here when I was a student are an integral part of my character today. Their example continues to inspire me, as does the example of all the wonderful, learned, faith-filled priests, religious and laypersons who have nurtured and supported St. Anthony High School's students for over 100 years. 


We are grateful to our thousands of alumni and so many others who continue to support us throughout the decades. Thanks to their love, leadership and support, St. Anthony High School has maintained a steady course of continuous renewal. It is this great spirit and historic perspective that provide the basis for our future success. 


We are proud of our school and our students. We are proud of our long, strong tradition within the Long Beach community. And we are proud of our thousands of graduates who still return to “The Home of the Saints”. 


We are one family and we invite you to join us. Thank you for taking a look at St. Anthony High School.


Gina Rushing Maguire