President's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the St. Anthony High School website! 
We welcome you to get to know the very special COMMUNITY OF SAINTS that is St. Anthony High School.  As we approach our 100th Anniversary in the year 2020, our iconic school is once again among the Archdiocese of Los Angeles' most innovative and vital high schools, an inspiring "tower of truth and guide for youth" that serves the greater Long Beach community. 
As a graduate, I know that St. Anthony students are blessed to receive a rare educational experience -- the opportunity to learn and grow within a caring, nurturing top academic environment during some of the most formative years of their lives.  This education is an irreplaceable gift - a treasure for life.

Small classes enable each student to be known and encouraged to learn through personalized attention. A strong college preparatory curriculum prepares each student for success in college, and also in life. Extra-curricular activities, including a highly comprehensive, competitive sports program, provide challenges for balanced growth in all areas - body, mind and spirit. And a campus-wide commitment to Catholic values and faith provides a basis for ethical leadership and life-long service beyond self. 

The 2019-2020 school year marks my 19th year as President of St. Anthony High School. During this time, I have witnessed our school's rebirth to become the leader in Catholic education that it is today. And during that time, I have said goodbye to class after class of graduates as they leave us - with joy, hope and often tears - as they recognize their time at St. Anthony is coming to an end. They are prepared to move on, and yet they are reluctant to go, as they cherish the memories they made, and recognize their strides as maturing young men and women.They have been part of a community that has become a family for them. The friendships made as a student at St. Anthony High School will last a lifetime and these graduates will return to their alma mater, time and time again...Once a Saint, always a Saint.

Class reunions provide proof-positive of connections formed during these high school years, as well as each student's continuing commitment and love of their school.  The Saints come back, year after year, whether it's their 10th, 25th, 35th, 50th ... 60th reunion or beyond.  Reunions are a part of life at St. Anthony's, as our graduates continue to connect and reconnect, celebrating the education they received, the experiences they shared, the friends they made, and the future they dreamed when they were students at Long Beach's only Catholic high school. 

For me, the faith, social consciousness and leadership of the Immaculate Heart Sisters and the Brothers of Holy Cross who were teachers when I was a student at St. Anthony are a part of who I am today.  Their example inspires me, as does the example of all the wonderful, learned, faith-filled priests, religious and laypersons who have nurtured and supported St. Anthony High School's students since our founding in 1920.
The high school's founders were men and women of great faith who believed that a Catholic high school was not just a luxury, but a NECESSITY for a city the size and stature of Long Beach.  The same commitment to Catholic education which propelled these early leaders to buy land and build in downtown Long Beach inspires us today, as we remain true to our original mission of providing a quality, affordable Catholic college preparatory education to students from all backgrounds.  Regardless of socio-economic or cultural background, each year St. Anthony High School welcomes students who want to learn within a Catholic setting, rich in tradition and warm in community.
We are grateful to our thousands of alumni and so many others who have supported our great high school throughout the decades. Thanks to the love and support of the greater St. Anthony Community, St. Anthony High School has maintained a steady course of renewal and growth through years of challenge, leading the way as a role model for others. .
Today we are proud of our school and our students, as well as our thousands of graduates. Young people come to St. Anthony as teenagers full of hopes and dreams, with a desire to learn and build a bright future. Once here, they form friendships which then become a family, a "home away from home". That family forms a community, diverse and yet united - The Saints!  

Thank you for taking a look at St. Anthony High School. We welcome you! .  
Gina Rushing Maguire