Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we receive regarding the admissions process at St. Anthony High School.


1. We already applied, why has my child not been accepted yet? All Catholic schools operating in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are not allowed to formally accept a student or collect admission deposits until March 3, 2023. This date is mandated by the Department of Catholic Schools for all L.A. County schools. Orange County schools do not have to follow this date. We assure you, you will be hearing from us on March 3, 2023 at 5:00 PM.


2. I don't qualify for CEF aid because our income is too high. What are my financial aid options?CEF (Catholic Education Foundation) is funded by the Archdiocese and has very specific income guidelines. BUT, we have our own aid, called "Sponsor a Saint" which is open to everyone. There are no income guidelines for Sponsor-a-Saint, so apply today.


3. Can we still apply for tuition assistance? Yes, the tuition assistance deadline is January 31, 2023. You can apply for Sponsor a Saint at https://ismfast.com/FastPage.php?id=729d11f1dd5759fed8d17515e48ebc15.


4. I have not applied for admission yet, but we are ready to apply. What do we do?  Go to www.longbeachsaints.org/apply and fill out your application. Our regular admission application window is still open. 


5. My child still unsure about a high school. Can they shadow for a day? We have a team of student ambassadors ready and willing to host students for a day. Your child can spend a school day with a student to see what a day in the life of a St. Anthony student is all about. You can sign up for a shadow HERE


6. We have never been to the school and we want to see the campus. Can we take a tour? Yes, we love giving tours of the campus. We can arrange that any time via email or phone and would love to welcome your family to campus.


7. What is the HSPT? The High School Placement Test is a universally accepted test offered by all Catholic schools. This test helps us ensure that your child is placed in the proper Math, Science, and English classes when they arrive in the Fall.


8. When is the HSPT? The HSPT is Saturday, January 21st at 8:00 AM in the school gym. It will end at noon. We will also host a make-up exam is TBD for students who cannot make it on January 21st. The make up exam date will also be for any students with a documented learning need that may require extended testing time.


9. Does every school use the same HSPT? Yes, the test is the same and we share them between schools. If your child takes the test here and wants it sent to another school, we are happy to do it. Likewise, if they take the HSPT at another school, please ask that school to send the results to us.


10. Is there an advantage to taking the HSPT at St. Anthony? Yes. If you want to qualify for any merit based scholarships, the HSPT needs to be taken at St. Anthony on January 21st or the TBD make up date.


11. What are merit based scholarships and how do I qualify? Our presidential and merit scholarships are solely determined by HSPT scores, 7th and 8th grade transcripts and current teacher recommendations. These scholarships are automatic for those who earn them. There is no application for merit based scholarships.


12. My parents attended St. Anthony, is there a legacy discount, or other discounts available? St. Anthony offers a legacy discount for an incoming Freshman who is the child, grandchild or sibling of a St. Anthony alumni. We also offer a sibling discount for multiple siblings enrolled together. We also offer a Catholic family discount if the incoming student has a younger sibling in a Catholic elementary school.


13. How does St. Anthony get hold of my child's transcripts and recommendations? Our records department will request all transcripts and recommendation letters on your child's behalf. You do not need to request them. We take care of that for you. Once you fill out the application, you agree to allow us to obtain those records for you.


14. How does my child qualify for the Saint's Scholar program? Admission to the Saint's Scholars program is determined by the HSPT scores and transcripts from their current elementary/middle school. Should your child not get admitted to the scholar's program, they can petition to test in once they arrive their Freshman year.


15. How much will my tuition be next year? Tuition will be determined after all discounts and all tuition assistance has been awarded. Be sure to apply for tuition assistance to ensure that all available aid is awarded. Awarded aid will be communicated with you in early March.


16. When can my child start working out with the athletic teams?  Students are eligible to begin practicing with a team once they successfully complete 8th grade. Most of our sports teams begin practicing mid-June.


17. What is the admission interview like? This is not an interview, as much as it is a "get to know me" session with the family and student with one of our teachers or administrators. It is meant to allow the family to ask questions, and allow us to share with you some of the programs that might interest you. There is nothing the student needs to prep for this interview, and they do not need to bring a portfolio. This is a vital part of our admission process because it is consistent with our smaller family-like environment. We want to know our community as they come to the family.


18. How does my child register for classes in the Fall? Our school counselors will work directly with the family to get student schedules generated in August. For the most part, the freshman year schedule is pre-determined with the exception of an Art elective.


19. Where do we purchase uniforms? Our official uniform supplier is Norman's Uniforms in San Pedro. They will come to campus in July to sell uniforms for incoming students. We also host a "gently worn" uniform sale event in the summer with some pre-worn uniforms at a highly discounted price. Norman's also has a store that you can visit at any time, or visit them online at www.normansuniforms.com.


Please let me know if we can answer any questions we may have missed. Reach out at any time. We know the high school selection and admission process can be daunting. We am here to help along the way.


For any additional questions not covered here or more information, please contact the front office at 562-435-4496.