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St. Anthony High School

Financial Aid

No student who is qualified and has a sincere desire to attend and succeed at St. Anthony High School has ever been turned away due to financial need. Numerous programs are in place to ensure that a qualified applicant CAN become a Saint! Tuition assistance is awarded based on demonstrated need which is documented through the Financial Aid Application Process, renewable yearly.
Students receiving tuition assistance must:
• Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
• Maintain good conduct
• Contribute positively to student life through campus involvement
• Meet their tuition and fees payment commitments, as agreed upon each year
• Fulfill annual parent service hour and parent support requirements
 No student is eligible for tuition assistance without applying and providing the necessary documents. 
Please look at the following chart:
Household Size                           Annual Gross Income Before Taxes
         1                                                     $18,030
         2                                                     $24,279
         3                                                     $30,528
         4                                                     $36,777
         5                                                     $43,026
         6                                                     $49,275
         7                                                     $55,524
         8                                                     $61,773 
A) If your household falls ABOVE or OUTSIDE the annual income indicated, click on the following link to begin the financial aid application process through FACTS. You will need to create a new account and provide supporting documents:
  • If you have any questions regarding setting up your account, please call (866) 315-9262
  • Click HERE for more information about this process and required documentation.
B) If your household falls UNDER the annual income indicated, click on the following link to download the financial aid application. This application must be returned to St. Anthony High School directly by January 11, 2019.
To download an application, please click here: FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION
Catholic Family Discount Program
A $1000 tuition discount is available to families who will have a student both at St. Anthony High School and at least one other student in a Catholic elementary school. To qualify for this discount, families must have a household income of $100,000 or less and provide income verification. Students receiving this discount must maintain all requirements as stated above. Please note: families receiving financial assistance from the Catholic Education Foundation do not qualify for this additional discount.