Academy for the Arts Overview

Academy for the Arts



St. Anthony High School Academy for the Arts Mission Statement:
St. Anthony High School’s Academy for the Arts is dedicated to fostering the creative and holistic development of young artists who are prepared to positively impact the world after high school, nurturing students centered in faith, imbued with academic mastery, and trained for artistic success. 


St. Anthony High School is proud to feature our dedicated Academy for the Arts designed to support students with an artistic aim and focus, dedicated to the development of their respective artistic crafts while maintaining the academic rigor necessary to adhere to the State of California’s graduation requirements.

The St. Anthony High School Academy for the Arts is a uniquely competitive boutique style arts education program which prepares students for colleges and careers with an arts focus. St. Anthony High School’s relatively small size enables greater one-on-one arts instruction that focuses on college and career preparedness. All of this is achieved without compromising a college preparatory education with a Faith-based foundation.


The Academy for the arts offers a full course load of over 20 different arts courses that have all received full accreditation from the University of California College Board. This robust offering of courses allows young artists to explore a wide variety of artistic disciplines in a comprehensive arts education environment. Student are able to do all of this while still being able to take other challenging courses in non-artistic disciplines.


Feel free to explore for various the pages for our programs. If you have any questions about the St. Anthony High School Academy for the Arts. Please feel free to contact Principal, Adan Jaramillo at [email protected].


We hope that you can find your artistic voice as a student of the St. Anthony High School Academy for the Arts.