ASB - Student Government


Every student of the school is a member of the Associated Student Body (ASB), and participates in electing the officers and representatives of the Student Government. The purposes of the Associated Student Body are to unify all elements of the school—students, faculty, administration, parents—by communication; by representing the student body through elected leaders; by providing a forum for student opinions and ideas; by promoting recognition of community responsibility and citizenship; and by coordinating extracurricular activities.

Student Council is the primary agent of ASB.  The Student Council has been organized to establish democratic procedures governing student activities and to develop a sense of responsibility, self discipline, leadership, cooperation, scholarship, school spirit, and Christian virtues.  Its aim is to promote harmonious relationships throughout the school by means of organized activities and projects.  All activities of the Student Council are under the supervision of the ASB Advisor. Student Council consists of the ASB President, ABS Vice President, ASB Secretary, ASB Treasurer, ASB Commissioners, and Class Presidents and Class Vice Presidents. 
Class Councils have been organized to establish democratic procedures governing class activities and to develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, cooperation, scholarship, school spirit, and Christian virtues within each class. Class Councils coordinate class activities and fundraisers. Class Councils consist of the Class President, Class Vice President, Class Secretary, Class Treasurer, and Class Representatives.



St. Anthony High School Student Officers - 2019-2020


ASB President: Sofia McGuiness

ASB Vice President: Jack Lopez

ASB Secretary: Gabriela Gath

ASB Treasurer: Jenna Hunter

Historian: Janet Lim & Kirsten Timtiman


ASB Commissioners

Commissioner of Activities: Alexcia Castillo & Isabella Rodriguez

Commissioner of Athletics: Mikhail Attia & Thessa Malau'ulu

Commissioner of Clubs/Organizations: Reyna Shisbey

Commissioner of Dances: Liliana McCarty & Kylee Stockham

Commissioner of Fine Arts: Josie Stahler

Commissioner of Fundraising: Matthew Baldwin

Commissioner of Pep/Spirit: Samantha Ashworth & Sarah Attia

Commissioner of Publicity: Josie Stahler & Gisel Alonzo

Commissioner of Staff/Student Relations: Adrian Marquez & Mariella Vergara

Commissioner of Technology: Antonia Bareford & Matthew Villegas



Senior President: Jaelene Kapu

Senior Vice President: Aniya Terry

Senior Secretary: Isabella Bareford

Senior Treasurer: Jacob Martinez

Senior Class Commissioner: Jillian Norried, Sasha Tesoro & Audrey Williams



Junior President: Natalie Bayan

Junior Vice President: Joshua Schabert

Junior Secretary: Frances Herrera

Junior Treasurer: Madelyn Shaheen

Junior Class Commissioner: Alyssa Ilano, Erin McGee & Viviana Ponce



Sophomore President: Lara Solante

Sophomore Vice President: Samantha Morehead

Sophomore Secretary: 

Sophomore Treasurer: Susie Quiñones

Sophomore Class Commissioners: Angelina Garcia & Leeta Squier



Freshman President: Sara Fong 

Freshman Vice President: Rylan Tesoro

Freshman Secretary: Isabelle Ignacio 

Freshman Treasurer: Kier Ocampo

Freshman Class Commissioners: Mia Segar, Nathalie Vasquez, Jaymie DeBolt