Production and Design

The St. Anthony Academy for the Arts offers a selection of courses that do not fall into the traditional Visual & Performing Arts programs. These design and production courses are geared toward modern production and design fields that still have the foundations in the world of the arts. All of these courses take a very hands-on approach to their various fields of discipline. From Fashion studies to Media Production, the Academy for the Arts offers programs that will help “non-traditional” artist find their voice.


If you have any questions about the new Production & Design program please contact our Vice Principal, Tamara Martinez at [email protected]


Production and Design Courses

Digital Music Production
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12                         Prerequisites: None

Digital Music Production will be an introduction to the principles of creating music electronically.  This will include both original sound production on a computer as well as recording of typical instruments/vocals - focusing on how to properly mix them together to produce original music and art and will introduce students to the uses, concepts, techniques, and terminology of computing through music applications. Following an introduction to the basics of the software and equipment used. The students will create their own music using GarageBand and Logic. Students will develop their musical knowledge as they learn practical skills that can prepare them for a career in music performance, entertainment business, recording business, live sound reinforcement, audio engineering, stage management. The students will gain experience with current hardware and software for music sequencing, synthesis, and music performance practice. This year long course is also designed as an introduction to music fundamentals, notation, music history, culture, and theory through music technology such as MIDI and digital recording. Students will also be learning basic business practices used in the music industry.


Media Communication and Production 
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12                        Prerequisites: None 

This course encompasses the dynamics behind telling stories through multiple media sources.
The curriculum will mainly focus on documentary based editorials and the skills needed to write,
film, produce, and edit meaningful material. Students will be exposed to social media, traditional
film, studio productions, and commercial and marketing of digital video media material.


Technical Theater
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12                   Prerequisites: None

Technical Theater is a class that focuses on the non-performance aspects of theater. Using
mathematical concepts, aesthetics appreciation, application of scientific principles, and an
understanding of the elements of theater and theater production, the technical theater student will
design sets, lights, and costumes, and receive practical instruction and practice creating sets,
lights, and costumes for various productions.

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12                      Prerequisites: None 

Yearbook is a course that holds strict deadlines, and includes significant time outside of school
and class to be spent on specific tasks. Students must have access to a computer at home in order
to facilitate work outside of class time. This class requires students to be responsible,
independent, and to take initiative; staff members need to be problem solvers and comfortable
being held accountable by timelines and team members.