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St. Anthony High School

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Student Learning Services

St. Anthony High School enjoys a long-standing partnership with Long Beach Unified School District’s educational psychologist team in order to provide support to students with diagnosed learning challenges. To further expand student support, SAHS offers additional specialized support programs for students.
Program Descriptions:

• STEP/ISP: offers academic assistance as well as appropriate and reasonable adjustments for students. In addition, SAHS coordinates its efforts with Long Beach Unified School District’s educational psychologist team to observe, monitor, and support students with diagnosed learning challenges and those students who qualify for a 504 Plan.

• AMP: provides additional academic support for students who end a grading period with a GPA below 2.0. The program includes a supervised, mandatory study hall, as well as regular consultation with the Director of Student Learning Services.

• PEER TUTORING PROGRAM: in coordination with the counselors, students are paired with peer tutors. These students work together during the lunch period in the Learning and Media Center under the supervision of the Director of Student Learning Services.

• Title I Reading Tutorial Program: students who qualify for this program meet with the reading specialist in small groups for tutoring focused on their specific needs. On an average, students who have participated in this program advance their reading level by 1 ½ to 2 grade levels.