Liturgy & Retreats Elective

This leadership elective sponsored through Campus Ministry offers Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to gain skills specific to faith sharing. Some of these skills include:

  • Preparing and leading retreats
  • Liturgy planning
  • Preparing prayer services
  • Time management
  • Personal prayer and reflection
  • Speaking before a group


Students in the class are responsible for the prayerful preparation of all school liturgies, environment, music, and scripture selection. They also serve at the Mass as trained Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, lectors, and cantors. These students host regular prayer services in the school chapel, including praying the Rosary and leading prayer services for special needs and outreach to students and families in need. They are also responsible for the environment and upkeep of the school chapel.

The student leaders in class go through extensive retreat training under the guidance of the Campus Minister. They are responsible for the planning of all student retreats, where they serve as presenters and team members. They also do outreach to local Catholic elementary schools offering retreat help for elementary and middle school students.

This class is open to seniors through an application and interview process. Because the class is limited in size, selection into the class can be challenging.