International Students


St. Anthony High School accepts international students on a case by case basis. The following are requirements/policies for international students:

1) Prospective International students must not be represented by an agency or third-party.

2) Applications cannot be submitted online using our domestic online application process.

3) International students must be living with a relative or custodial guardian while attending St. Anthony High School. No housing or homestay arrangements will be made by St. Anthony High School.

4) To begin the process for international admissions, a live meeting with the relative or custodial guardian with whom the student will reside is required with the Principal. Please call 562-435-4496 x1224 or email to make an appointment.

5) Following this meeting, a phone or skype interview with the student will take place.

6) If accepted into St. Anthony High School, an acceptance letter will be given to the responsible adult and an I-20 application will be given.

7) The relative or custodial guardian will submit the I-20 application and required documents. Once an F-1 Visa is issued by the host country, the relative or custodial parent will complete the St. Anthony High School registration process.