College Recruiting Simplified: September 23rd at 7pm


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Breakout superstars making national headlines can skew your impression of what it takes to be a college athlete. But well-rounded student-athletes shouldn’t overlook the possibility that athletics could help you discover the perfect college, and add to the total scholarship and aid you receive.


While juniors and seniors are already thinking about college applications, underclassmen need to consider how to connect with college coaches as early as their freshman year.


Wednesday, September 23rd at 7pm, national recruiting expert Julian Jenkins will cover the most important parts of college athletic recruiting:

  • When the recruiting process starts
  • How to get discovered
  • How coaches evaluate prospective recruits
  • How to find schools that match your athletic and academic goals
  • The roles high school and club coaches play

Julian Jenkins is a national speaker for NCSA Athletic Recruiting, the largest network dedicated to helping high school students find the right match in higher education to play their sport. Learn more about NCSA at