Youth Day 2015 - March 12, 2015

The Campus Ministry department is once again planning on taking a bus of SA students for our annual trip to YOUTH DAY at the Anaheim Convention Center.  This day is the traditional kick-off for the annual Religious Education Congress, the largest gathering of Catholic educators in the world.  YOUTH DAY is filled with workshops from speakers sharing insights to the latest topics facing teens today.  There are concerts, a rally, and mass.  It is a day all students should experience. The theme for YOUTH DAY this year is "Talk Jesus With Me."

We have 53 students attending Youth Day this year.

Here are the details for the day.

We will be meeting at CLARK FIELD at 6:30AM.  Please do not make the bus wait because we must get on the road because of traffic.  

Youth Day is sold out again this year.  If we are late, we may not get a seat

Please wear jeans or other appropriate attire with a shirt or sweatshirt that is in good taste.  You will be given a nametag on the bus.  You must wear this throughout the day, and it serves as your ticket in.  

Tickets are for listed workshops, however, if you wish to attend a different workshop than the one on your ticket, you can usually enter any workshop with any ticket, just ask the door monitors as you enter.

We will be following Track 2, which means we have morning speakers and mass in the afternoon.

You are representing St. Anthony, so please be on your best behavior.  Because of the large number of teens, you may not have an adult chaperone from St. Anthony with you at all times. Your best behavior is expected.

We will meet for lunch outside the main doors of the convention center near the Hilton hotel, under the palm trees.  Meet there for lunch, as well as at the end of the day.

Lunch is not provided.  Please pack a lunch. Drinks will be provided by Campus Ministry.  There will be a box at Clark field to collect lunches.  They will be brought to you at lunch time, along with the drinks.  

CLICK HERE to be directed to the official Youth Day 2015 website