Tuition Assistance & CEF Deadline is Approaching. Apply today!

St Anthony High School is now accepting applications for tuition assistance for the 2023-2024 school year. All recipients of tuition assistance must apply annually.

Two Tuition Assistance Programs:
1. CEF AND Sponsor-a-Saint (CEF-SAS)
2. Sponsor-a-Saint Only (SAS)
Tuition Assistance comes from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) and from St Anthony High School’s Sponsor-a-Saint program.

Catholic Education Foundation Awards (CEF)
To qualify for CEF, you must meet the Financial Eligibility Guidelines attached. CEF awards are $2,000 per student.

If you did not attend the on-campus CEF appointments, you must complete the paper application, and bring to school with your 2021 1040 Income Tax Return. 
CEF applicants must also apply for the St Anthony Sponsor-a-Saint (SAS) program described below.

St Anthony Sponsor-a-Saint Tuition Assistance (SAS)
Additionally, St Anthony High School provides tuition assistance through the generous contributions of alumni, foundations and friends.  These awards are need-based, and we are using a Tuition Assistance company called FAST AID to administer these online applications. You can complete the online application here: FAST AID APPLICATION. You will need to upload your 2021 1040 Income Taxes and W-2(s).
English CEF Financial Guidelines
Spanish CEF Financial Guidelines

English CEF Application
Spanish CEF Application

English Notarized Form (if you have not filed taxes) 
Spanish Notarized Form (if you have not filed taxes) 

UPDATE: The deadline for submitting applications for CEF & SAHS Tuition Assistance Applications is January 13, 2023.