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Student Shadow Days

**Due to Finals week December 16-20, 2019, we will not be having any shadows to allow the students time to focus on testing. If you would like to Sign up for a Shadow Day, please choose a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday beginning Tuesday, January 7th, 2020.**

Please complete the form below for Shadow Days. Student MUST be an 8th grader or a Transfer student. 

We will only be offering Shadow Days; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday of each week. Your Student will be paired with a President's Ambassador who is equipped with the knowledge of how shadow days work. 

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By signing this document below, I hereby waive and release St. Anthony High School, its employees, staff, and students, from any and all liability for any injuries and/or illness incurred while my child or ward is visiting the school campus. 

I authorize St. Anthony High School to seek medical care for my son/daughter if needed. I also authorize the designated physician/medical facility to provide appropriate medical care. 

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