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St. Anthony High School

ASB - Student Government

All students are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB). The Student Council has been organized to establish democratic procedures governing student activities and to develop a sense of responsibility, self discipline, leadership, cooperation, scholarship, school spirit, and Christian virtues.


St. Anthony High School Student Government






President - Brandon Smith

Vice Pres- Jessica Martin

Secretary - Marissa Flores

Treasurer - Nick Aguilar


Senior Class:

President - Erin Villegas

Vice Pres - Noah Maene-Nieto

Secretary - Caroline Chihak

Treasurer - Rylan Muksood

Representative - Jack Senske


Junior Class:

President: Natalie Gath

Vice Pres: Delilah Padilla

Secretary - Joelle DeLeon

Treasurer - Nick Salinas

Representative - Natalia Calderon


Sophomore Class:

President: Sofia McGuiness

Vice Pres: Jaelene Kapu

Secretary - Reyna Shisbey

Treasurer - Alyssa Bombarda

Representative - Isabella Bareford



Pep/Spirit - Tara Stumpfl

Tech - Kirsten Porras

Publicity - Griselda Tombor

Religion - Parker James

Dances - Selena Ramirez

Activities - Thessa Malau'ulu

Fundraising - Candice Evans

Staff/Student Relations - Flannery Gonneville

Historian - Jamie Landicho

Clubs - Alina Mahmood

Athletics - Kassandra Zamora

Activities Asst - Inez Staples

Dance Asst - Kimmy Johnson

Commissioners at large - Michael Baldwin, Nayeli Santa Cruz & Alyssa Reyes


Attempts to make the students more involved in government affairs in conjunction with the administration and faculty. Its aim is to promote harmonious relationships throughout the school by means of organized activities and projects.All activities of the Student Council are under the supervision of the Activities Director.