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St. Anthony High School

ASB - Student Government

All students are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB). The Student Council has been organized to establish democratic procedures governing student activities and to develop a sense of responsibility, self discipline, leadership, cooperation, scholarship, school spirit, and Christian virtues.


St. Anthony High School Student Government



ASB Officers

President - Madison Mizraji

Vice Pres - Isabella Carbonara

Secretary - Kaitlyn Edgley

Treasurer - Daniel Martinez

Historian - Alex Honeycutt


ASB Commissioners

Publicity - Hanna Grosz, Aurea Ocampo, Emily Alvarez, Anne Jao

Spirit - Isiah Limon, Austin Ocampo

Special Events - Sarah Bancroft

Clubs - Ralph Sanchez

Fundraising - Brandon Smith, Michael Baldwin

Staff/Student Relations - Emily Jackson

Marketing/ Community - Alex Honeycutt

Technology - Noah Ungar

Athletics - Cairon Fido


Senior Class Officers

President - Mario DeLora

Vice Pres - Nick Vargas

Secretary - Thomas Mbadugha

Treasurer - Lexi Reeves

Publicist - Isabella Madrid

Assembly - Patricia Burson


Junior Class Officers

President - Candice Evans

Vice President - Lucas Naranjo

Secretary - Jon Gorski

Treasurer - Rylan Muksood

Publicist - Ginelle Viray

Assembly - Jessica Martin

Assembly - Erin Villegas


Sophomore Class Officers

President - Amanda Gutierrez

Vice Pres - Caroline Bancroft

Secretary - Emily Curtain

Treasurer - Nicky Mizraji

Publicist - Delilah Padilla

Assembly - Aiden Grosz

Assembly - Matt Duffy


Freshman Class Officers

President - Jack Lopez

Vice Pres - Isabella Bareford

Secertary - Gabi Scymczyk

Treasurer - Thessa Malau'ulu

Publicist- Sara Mueller

Assembly - Ben Kessler

Assembly - Matt Baldwin

Assembly - Sophie Gamble


Special Committees

* designates Committee Leader(s)


*Hanna Grosz

*Aurea Ocampo

*Anne Jao

*Emily Alvarez

Alina Mahmood

Waverly Ocampo

Griselda Tombor

Reyna Shisbey

Holly Hughes

Fiorella Barreto



*Isiah Limon

*Austin Ocampo

Alaja Edwards

Inez Staples

Sarah Bancroft

Emily Jackson

Ryan Pavlovich

Kimberly Johnson

Sofia McGuiness

Donald Smith


Special Events

*Sarah Bancroft

Robert Sanchez

Selena Ramirez

Emily Jackson

Nick Vargas

Natalia Calderon

Caitlyn Hancock

Jenna Hunter



*Ralph Sanchez

Felicia Tacto


*Brandon Smith

*Michael Baldwin

Cierra Agoncillo

Ronald Squire


Staff & Student Relations

*Emily Jackson

Kassandra Zamora

Uyen Chen



*Noah Unger

Jamie Landicho

Dana Urayenza



*Cairon Fido

Eryn Caetano

Luca Carnevale

Attempts to make the students more involved in government affairs in conjunction with the administration and faculty. Its aim is to promote harmonious relationships throughout the school by means of organized activities and projects.All activities of the Student Council are under the supervision of the Activities Director and Director of Student Life.