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St. Anthony High School


Throughout our 97 years educating 9-12th graders, St. Anthony High School’s students have come to us from all neighborhoods, all ethnicities, and all economic backgrounds. This was true when I was a student, and it is still true today.
My own parents were fortunate enough to be able to pay tuition for all four of us kids as we attended Catholic school, grades 1-12, but this was never easy. It was always a sacrifice, a priority and a choice.
I remember my mother not buying a new coat one winter so we could keep up. I remember the coupon-clipping to save on groceries and other necessities. I also remember my dad, seated every Sunday evening at the dining room table paying bills. This was a time that called for quiet in our house and we all steered clear. He was obviously concerned, and though he never said anything, we felt the weight of his responsibility. And we were grateful for the gift of a Catholic education and all the sacrifices entailed to make this a reality.
Today, 28% of St. Anthony High School’s students have incomes below $20,000 per year. This is poverty level and these students’ families would never be able to afford a Catholic education without significant financial assistance. But beyond these poorest families, hundreds of others qualify for some level of financial aid due to their family size, number of children in Catholic school, or special circumstances.
St. Anthony is committed to supporting the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ pledge to extend an education to every child regardless of economic background, and thus 58% of St. Anthony’s students currently qualify for some financial aid at some level. No student who is qualified and has a sincere desire to attend St. Anthony has ever been turned away.
An education at St. Anthony changes the lives of students, their families and ultimately our community, having the very real power to effectively break the cycle of poverty and crime through education. Over the past eight years, 100% of our graduates have gone on to college or to proudly serve in the military. Our enrollment for the 2016-17 school year is 564 students, comprised of students from all neighborhoods and representing all ethnicities.
Saints today are 33% Caucasian, 31% Hispanic, 15% African American, 10% Filipino, 6% Asian/Pacific Islander and 5% Multi-Racial. They reflect the City of Long Beach and the surrounding communities we serve. They are all filled with Saints pride, hope for the future and gratitude for the opportunity to be a Saint.
Please consider sponsoring a Saint by making a donation to the SAHS Sponsor-A-Saint Fund. Change a life, leave a legacy, enable the tradition to continue for generations of future Saints.
With gratitude,
Gina Rushing Maguire, '67
President of St. Anthony High School