Remote Learning

COVID-19 Contingency Plan for Remote Learning


St. Anthony High School takes pride as a leader in providing a rigorous learning environment through the use of exceptional teaching methods enhanced by industry leading educational technologies. This is evidenced by our long established iPad program (2011) and online learning and management platforms such as Schoology, PowerSchool, and apps in Google Suite for Education. In response to the archdiocesan wide campus closures due to COVID-19, we are confident in our ability to continue teaching and learning as we transition to online classrooms, or what we call Remote Learning. Below is a set of guidelines to establish parameters, communicate procedures, and place proper protocol during this time. 


Class Schedules

Classes are scheduled to run remotely according to the normal daily bell schedule, which is accessible on our website or by clicking here. Essentially, each week will follow this schedule:


Monday - Saint; Tuesday - White; Wednesday - Purple, Thursday - White R, Friday - Purple



A regular week of school consists of approximately 200-210 minutes (roughly 3.5 hours), therefore it is essential that students commit to learning every day. Students will remotely report to their classes by using Schoology as a “virtual classroom.” Attendance will be digitally verified in each class by teachers in a variety of ways including but not limited to assignment submissions, participating in online discussions, or attending virtual office hours. If there is a lapse in a student’s attendance or performance, both student and parent will be notified via email. 


Assignments, Assessments, and Grades

All materials will be accessible through Schoology. Each class will have daily agendas posted in the “Updates” section on Schoology. Students can expect detailed instructions for each assignment with due dates and times. While a majority of assignments will be technology-based, some will require hand-written assignments due when school resumes. Teachers will use a variety of assessments to measure student learning, which will also be available through Schoology. Grades will be updated by Friday weekly, which can be monitored through PowerSchool. 


Communication and Accessibility

Teachers are available via email everyday. Students and parents can expect a response to questions or concerns within 24hrs. Emails can be found on our website under the “About Us” tab and then clicking on “Faculty & Staff” from the drop-down menu. Furthermore, teachers will host daily virtual office hours using Google Meets, a multi-platform video conferencing app.