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St. Anthony High School

Principal's Message

Dear St. Anthony Community and Visitors to our Website,  
I welcome you to our website and invite you to take time to browse. You will find our website to be very informative and it will give you a chance to get a "feel" for what St. Anthony High School is all about! Of course it can never replace actually visiting our campus, so I personally invite you to come by and check us out!   
Early in life, I spent countless hours before bedtime reading one of my favorite books, Butler’s Lives of the Saints. From early on in my life, I was inspired by the lives of these holy men and women and, secretly, wished one day to live a life similar to them. Ironically, St. Anthony became one of my favorite saints and, little did I know at the time, I would have the opportunity to lead a community by the same name. 
St. Anthony of Padua is most well known as the patron saint of lost things. I remember being told by my mother and grandmother that whenever I lost something, “pray to St. Anthony”, and, more often than not, I would soon find it. But sometimes I wonder if it is not only things that get lost, but if people do as well. Perhaps St. Anthony High School is a place where people find friends, memories, a great education, and themselves in the process.   
As I begin my eleventh year at SAHS, I am grateful for the wonderful progress that has taken place. I am heartened by our generous alumni, benefactors, Advisory Council, Foundation, parents, faculty and student body through which so much good has been achieved. I am confident that SAHS will continue to help those who are “lost” find their way.  
Remember, not all of our Catholic Saints were perfect from birth. Many struggled to find their way and many had to face the challenges of life. I am confident that SAHS will continue to be a place which creates the “saints” of the future and, working together, all will know that SAHS is “THE HOME OF THE SAINTS!”   
TO OUR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS and PARENTS: We invite you to browse throughout our website and discover the many great opportunities available at St. Anthony High School. I look forward to working with each of you in the future and sincerely hope you find the perfect high school to meet your needs. Perhaps that school will be St. Anthony High School.   
In the service of Christ, Spes Nostra (our hope), 
Mike Schabert