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St. Anthony High School

Acceptable Use Policy

St. Anthony High School iPad Program
Acceptable Use Policy

To ensure the learning and safety of all our students, St. Anthony High School students and parents must comply with the following iPad Program Acceptable Use Policy, as well as the Acceptable Use and Responsibility For Electronic Communication (“Archdiocesan AUP”) published by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (click on this link to view).

Students are granted use of their own and/or St. Anthony High School’s technology resources at St. Anthony High School upon return of this signed Agreement. Use of all technology at St. Anthony High School must be consistent with the Mission Statement of the school and reflect the Catholic standards expressed in that Mission Statement.

General Policies

  • The iPads distributed for educational purposes are the property of St. Anthony High School. The school owns all hardware and accessories provided through the iPad Program. Parents/guardians pay a one-time fee to cover the use of the device, the charger, purchase of apps, internet line and professional development for faculty.
  • St. Anthony High School retains the right to collect and/or inspect the iPad at any time, including via electronic remote access, and to alter, add or delete installed apps.
  • Parents/guardians are the primary caregivers for their children and are ultimately responsible for their technological communication and usage. St. Anthony High School is not responsible for inappropriate use of the school-issued iPad.
  •  Students who play games, text or access any social networks during class time will be held accountable with appropriate consequences enforced. 
  • It is strongly recommended that parents/guardians provide an iTunes gift card to enable their student to purchase apps. St. Anthony High School is not responsible for credit card information registered in student iTunes accounts.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the student to keep their St. Anthony student-issued iPad with them at ALL TIMES. St. Anthony High School is not responsible for any iPad left unattended, stolen or misplaced. The St. Anthony High School Technology Department will do its best to locate the iPad, however it is not guaranteed the iPad will be found. If an iPad has been stolen or misplaced, an official police report must be filed by the family and the family is responsible for payment of the replacement cost for a new iPad ($425.00). The police report must be on file at St. Anthony High School before a replacement iPad can be issued. 
  • Users must respect copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to materials entered into and obtained via the Internet or other electronic sources.
  •  iPads will be used only as permitted by the teacher and/or administration.
  • St. Anthony High School, under the direction of the Administration and the Technology Coordinator, reserves the right to access all incoming and outgoing data accessed by students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Violation of the Acceptable Use Policy will earn consequences. These may include but are not limited to: disciplinary action, payment of repair cost, restricted use or confiscation of the iPad.
  • The Administration of St. Anthony High School reserves the right to change rules, add rules, interpret rules or alter consequences in order to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.
  • St. Anthony High School is not responsible for the iPad USB cable and charging block. If either is not functioning properly, students are required to return the defective item to an Apple Store for assessment, repair or replacement. If a new USB cable and/or charging clock needs to be purchased, the student is required to purchase directly from Apple. If a student uses a non-Apple product with their iPad resulting in damage to their iPad, the student, parent/guardian assumes all costs to repair or replace the damaged iPad.


  • All iPad wallpaper and backgrounds must be school-appropriate.
  • Students may not use any means to access restricted sites, such as but not limited to: proxy sites, anonymizer sites and apps.
  • Students may not alter the configuration of any iPad set up by the high school.  Students may not hack into and alter the iPad settings. This stipulation includes but is not limited to all forms of jail breaking.

Instructional Preparation and Practice

  •  Each student will be assigned a school email address. This is the only email permitted for school related purposes which include but is not limited to:  communicating with faculty,  staff and administration, Schoology, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.
  • Streaming videos from the Internet or the YouTube app during school hours is permitted only with the direct permission of the teacher.
  • iOS updates may not be applied without Administrative permission. Students are responsible for updating their apps and backing up their device on a regular basis using iCloud, Google Drive and/or Dropbox.
  • Students are allowed to have school-appropriate music on their iPads. However, teacher permission is required to listen to music during school hours. No streaming music is allowed at school. Files must be accessed through iTunes.
  • Schoology is the primary educational social networking site for St. Anthony High School faculty and students. Faculty, administrator or Technology Coordinator permission is required for any students to access social networking such as Facebook or use Instant Messaging or outside email accounts and educational games during the school day.  

Care and Security

  •  Users may not, under any circumstances, log on under or use another user’s account or iPad.
  •  Users may not share passwords.
  •  Students are required to lock their iPads using a passcode. This passcode is generated by the student.
  •  Students are required to have a protective iPad cover on their iPad at all times and to transport the iPad in a safe manner, preferably in a backpack.  Students participating in after school activities MUST have their backpacks locked in a classroom or school/gym locker.
  •  When an iPad in not in use by the student, during breaks, lunch periods, before and after school while participating in school-related activity or otherwise not in use, iPads must be securely stored in a locked locker or locked classroom. 
  •  When walking to or from school, riding on a bus or in any public place, students are advised to be safe and smart. Do not use or show your iPad.
  • Students and parents/guardians will follow recommended practices outlined in The Standards for Proper iPad Care.

Safety and Privacy

  •  Additional restrictions include:  access to information related but not limited to gambling, illegal drugs, alcohol use, online merchandising, hate speeches, criminal skills, alternative journals, fan fiction and chat rooms.
  • Computer, iPad, email, Internet and Intranet users shall respect the privacy of other users on and off campus.
  • Any recording device, including but not limited to iPads, video and digital cameras and camera phones to take videos or still pictures, may not be used to slander, bully or denigrate any student, visitor, staff member, faculty member, and/or administrator, on or off the campus, at any time. 
  •  All messages or postings to any Internet site on or off campus at any time (notes, email, newsgroups, bulletin boards, wikis, or other interactive forms of communication such as Instant Messaging) shall be educationally purposeful and appropriate.  Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, vulgarity, swearwords, other antisocial behaviors, chain letters, and threats of any kind are prohibited.  Appropriate messages would include such communications relating to St. Anthony High academics, co-curricular events and school community life.
  • Use of the Internet and/or other resources for personal gain, profit, commercial advertising or political lobbying is prohibited.
  • The use of St. Anthony High School’s technology resources to purposefully attempt to access pornographic material, inappropriate text files, information advocating violence or files harmful to the integrity of St. Anthony High School is prohibited.
  • Users of the Internet will not give their real name, address, phone number, school name or any personal information to anyone on the Internet unless under the supervision of a teacher, administrator or Technology Coordinator.  For example, students may be asked to provide personal information when signing up for Web 2.0 tools or when registering to access online textbooks and resources.
  • Students making inappropriate references about the school and/or its students, faculty, staff or administrators on any public internet site, chat room, or other public electronic media will be subject to disciplinary action that will be determined by administrators and could include suspension or expulsion.
  • Students may not post images of teachers, staff or other personnel on the Internet without receiving written permission from the individual(s) involved.
  •  Students may not use the cameras or audio/video recording features on their iPads.


Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior

All use of St. Anthony High School technology resources will be monitored through the use of computer software and/or by any teacher and/or administrator with the assistance of the Technology Coordinator.  Any user who does not comply with these guidelines will be held accountable with appropriate consequences enforced.  Students who have repeated or severe infractions of the AUP will be subject to disciplinary action by the supervising teacher or the Administration.  Violations of federal and state regulations such as sending threatening email and accessing or distributing obscene material will be reported and dealt with by the governing law enforcement agency.

St. Anthony High School utilizes a Mobile Device Management (MDM) software known as AirWatch. This software allows the SAHS Technology Department to track and monitor all iPad downloads, configures policies and settings, distributes apps and secures access to school networks and resources. AirWatch ensures devices are compliant with school policies and monitors violations in real time.  To learn more about AirWatch, please see http://youtu.be/EIU0wcGw8Zw.

If a student downloads an app that is not listed on the school’s website the consequences will be the following:

1st and 2nd offense: Warning

3rd offense: Detention

4th offense: Meeting with the Deans and Director of Technology, Suspension 

5th offense: Suspension

6th offense: Indefinite suspension with possible dismissal

Students should be aware that no matter where they are, on campus or off, download of an app to their iPad which is not approved by the school will result in the student’s inability to access the school’s wireless network. The Technology Coordinator automatically receives notification of this breach of policy.

The “Automatic Downloads” feature should be turned off on a school issued iPad. Instructions to turn this feature off are located on the school’s website.  

If you wish to have a particular app approved, you must email Mr. Ornelas before you download. Any other questions, please see Mr. Ornelas.

Personal Devices 

No personal wireless or hardwired devices, such as laptops, tablets, PDAs, video cameras, video/telephone cameras (phones must be turned off during classes) shall  be used  on  campus without the written consent of the Technology Coordinator.  Even if permission has been granted, all wireless or hardwired devices that attach to the St. Anthony High network must meet all requirements of the Technology Department. Violations of this rule may result in confiscation of the user’s equipment and disciplinary action.


St. Anthony High School is not responsible for any damages suffered including personal injury, loss of data resulting from delay, non-deliveries, service interruptions or inaccurate information.  The person operating the iPad accepts personal responsibility for any information obtained via the Internet or other electronic sources. The person operating the iPad accepts personal responsibility for actions while operating the unit and while on the Internet.


Vandalism will result in immediate disciplinary action by the Administration.  Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy any part of St. Anthony’s resources, which includes technological devices and equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, uploading, creating, transmitting computer viruses or “hacking” into any part of the St. Anthony High School system, as well as physical damage to the device.

If a student is withdrawing from St. Anthony High School and chooses not to purchase the damaged iPad and the iPad has screen or cosmetic damage, the parent/guardian is responsible for an iPad repair cost of $250.00.

ALL repairs must be coordinated through the St. Anthony High School Technology Department. Students may NOT repair the iPad independently.

Damaged iPads are sent out for repair as soon as they are returned to the Technology Office and the Director of Technology. Our local repair vendor will assess the damaged iPads and establish cost to repair. Repair cost ranges from $120.00 to $400.00 per incident. Families will be invoiced once St. Anthony High School receives notice of repair diagnostics. Should the iPad be labeled as 'beyond repair' it is the parent/ guardians responsibility to pay for a replacement iPad that is the same generation iPad that the student is currently using. For example, if a student has an iPad 2 they must pay the cost for an iPad 2, students are NOT allowed to upgrade their device. 

By signing this document, you agree to abide by the St. Anthony High School iPad Program Authorized Use Policy as well as the Acceptable Use and Responsibility for Electronic Communication Policy published by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

St Anthony High School reserves the right to alter, change or modify the current iPad Program Acceptable Use Policy.

Any questions should be directed to the Director of Technology at (562) 435-4496, Ext. 1221.