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St. Anthony High School

iPad Program

The more time students spend engaged with the curriculum, the better the learning  process,  and  the higher  their achievement.  This statement is simple and true, but  the “how” is more complex.  St. Anthony High School provides its students with the best possible college preparatory education, equipping students with the knowledge and  tools they need to succeed in school and  in life. After successfully launching our iPad Program in 2011, St. Anthony  High School continues to use this transformational technology to enhance student learning  and  the overall educational experience.

Program Advantages
  • Textbooks are downloaded for about half the cost of hard-bound books, saving parents money
  • Facilitate student organization and homework management
  • Provide an organized note-taking tool
  • Provide a student planner to assist them with time management, homework assignments, etc.
  • Provide online  research
  • Facilitate individual and  group work and  communication
  • Enable management of class assignments, quizzes and tests
  • Provide a platform for video or audio copies of lectures
  • Replace English and foreign language dictionaries and thesauruses
  • Use as calculators for math and science classes
Program Cost: What is Included
The one-time cost for the iPad Program for an incoming student is $750  and is due by June 15, 2016. In addition to the student’s personal use of the iPad on campus and  off, additional items included in the program are: application software, enterprise mobile  device management software, training and technical support and a campus-wide wireless network and  Internet line to accommodate intensive communication requirements, access and speed.
Although the fee is paid during the student’s first year of attendance, the program is for four years and covers the following every year:
  • System application updates
  • Air-Watch mobile device management software
  • PowerSchool (Student Information System)
  • Schoology (Learning Management System)
  • Naviance (Academic Counseling Services)
  • Security system (Firewall)
  • System maintenance and support
  • Turnitin.com
  • Wi-fi access anywhere on campus
  • Professional development
Important to note:  eBook purchases for required textbooks are not included in the iPad Program Fee. The iPad unit is the property of St. Anthony High School, but when  a student ends  his/her career at St. Anthony  High School, a transfer  of ownership may be arranged with a parent, if the family would like to take the device with them.