Freshman/Senior Picnic Friday, September 28

One of the most anticipated days of the year will be here on Friday, September 28 when the Freshman and Seniors gather at Clark Field for a day of activities, games, and fun sponsored by the ASB officers from the Junior and Sophomore classes.  Here are some of the details about the day:
  • Students must arrive to Clark Field by 8:00AM on Friday and check in. DO NOT COME TO THE MAIN CAMPUS THAT DAY.  This is considered a school day, so attendance is expected.  If a student is ill or unable to make it, the same procedures apply for calling a student out as absent.
  • Dismissal will be at noon.  Parents can pick up students for the field.  All students are asked to be off property by 12:30. Please make arrangements.
  • Comfortable dress and closed-toe tennis shoes are recommended.  There is no need to be in school uniform.
  • A BBQ lunch will be provided.
Each Freshman has been paired up with a Senior "big brother/sister" and will participate in games together for the day.  Seniors have been requested to contact Freshmen parents if transportation arrangements are being requested through the senior.  Many seniors transport their Freshmen, with parent approval.  Additionally, Seniors may be providing t-shirts for their Freshmen.  They are encouraged to dress alike for the day.
**Sophomores (class of 2021) and Juniors (class of 2020) will be on campus as normal on Friday with dismissal at 11:45 AM.  Their on-campus day will consist of very IMPORTANT college prep information, including set-up and navigation workshops of their Naviance accounts.