Homecoming 2015 "The Happiest Saints On Earth"

Homecoming is perhaps the most memorable week of the school year, and 2015 will be no exception.  The student council has come up with the following information to prepare the student body for this week of fun and excitement.
Monday 10/19
Dress-Up Theme: "Monster's University Monday" - College Day
Students are invited to wear any college clothing, shirts, sweatshirts, etc...
Sophomore Class officers will run games at lunch
Tuesday 10/20
Dress-Up Theme:  "Tiki Room / Tacky Tourist / Tropical Tuesday" 
Students are invited to wear any Hawaiian themed clothing, or dress like a "tacky tourist"
Freshman Class officers will run the games at lunch
Wednesday 10/21
Dress-Up Theme:  Disney Character Day
Dress like a character, or come in the colors of a character
Juniors will lead the lunch games
Girl's golf @ League Finals
Thursday 10/22
Dress-Up Theme: "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Twin Day"
Students should find a partner (or more than one) and dress as twins
Senior Class Officers will lead the lunch games
Volleyball games vs. Vistmar  JV @ 4:00, Varsity @ 5:00
Homecoming King crowned during varsity game
JV Football vs. Bosco Tech @ 4:00
Homecoming Bonfire and Movie in the courtyard after volleyball games until 9:00PM
Friday 10/23
Dress-Up Theme:  "World of Color" Day
Students are encouraged to wear class colors, based on the following:
Seniors: Blue
Juniors: White
Sophomores: Red
Freshmen: Green
ASB officers will lead the games at lunch
Pep Rally @ 1:15
Gym Decoration Themes
Seniors: Fantasyland - Diamond Edition
Juniors: Tomorrowland
Sophomores: Toontown
Freshmen: Frontierland
Varsity Football @ 7:00 vs. Bosco Tech
Homecoming Queen crowned at Halftime
Cross Country @ Mt. Sac Invitational  1:00PM
Saturday 10/24
Homecoming Dance 8:00 - 11:00PM in the courtyard
Semi-formal dance
  • $15 week of October 12
  • $20: during homecoming week
  • $25 at the door
  • Seniors pay $15 at any time
Snacks and drinks will be served during the dance.
Drop-off and pick-up will be at the arbor gate on 6th street. 
Doors close at 8:30 and will re-open at 10:45
Guests from other high schools are invited provided a guest pass is filed with the Dean's office and turned in by Thursday 10/22.  Guest passes are in the link below or can be picked up with the Deans.

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