Freshman-Senior Picnic October 9

The annual Freshman-Senior picnic is coming!  This is one of the highlights of the school year, and will be a day filled with fun and games for the classes of 2016 and 2019.  Here are the details...
The picnic is held at Clark Field Friday, October 9.
Picnic begins at 8:00 AM.  Check-in begins at 7:45. 
The picnic ends at noon.
Lunch will be served.
Please dress comfortably for a day of games in appropriate free dress.  There will be some running around, and water balloons have been known to be a big part of the day.  Seniors will be paired with a Freshman "little bother or sister" who they will compete with and against for the day.  Closed-toe shoes are required, and sunscreen is recommended.
Parents, please be aware that seniors may want to pick up their freshman for the day.  This can only be done with your permission and consent.  If you choose for your freshman not to ride with their senior to the field, it is your responsibility to get them to and from Clark field.  This counts as a school day, so attendance is expected for all students.
Sophomores and Juniors will be on the main campus for the day to prepare for the college application process.  
Questions?  Please email Mr. McGuiness at