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Discipline Program » Discipline Program Overview

Discipline Program Overview

The goal of the Discipline Program is to encourage students to develop into responsible Christian adults, good citizens through self-discipline.  In order for the school community to function properly, there are rules, regulations and policies.  Guidelines exist to promote and reinforce Gospel values and Christian virtues, allow for safety, individual and community welfare, and to build character; others exist to guide and direct conduct. When a student enrolls, it is understood that the individual and the family agree to comply with the school rules, regulations, policies and procedures. 

A well-educated citizen always makes good choices and exercises ethical conduct.  Where the student is not yet able to exercise self-discipline and makes poor choices, he or she will enter into the Discipline Program at the appropriate level. At the end of each semester, each student’s discipline file will be reviewed by the Dean of Students. St. Anthony High School reserves the right to ask any student not to return to St. Anthony High School if that student has failed to follow the rules of the school and its attempts to correct negative behavior. 

Agents of School Discipline

All administrators, teachers, support staff, and coaches are responsible for reporting violations of school rules to the Dean of Discipline. Teachers, staff and coaches will be the first to deal with minor classroom or campus violations.

Dean of Discipline

The Dean oversees and directs all aspects of the Discipline Program and maintains a discipline file on each student. The Dean investigates any reported incidents pertaining to rule violations. The Dean may resolve the matter personally or refer it to the: 

  1. Teacher involved 
  2. Parent or Guardian 
  3. Discipline Review Board 
  4. Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
  5. Principal 
  6. Local public authorities in accordance with the established school policy and the law 

The Dean assigns cases to the Discipline Review Board (when necessary) and ensures the timely disposition of each. He or she will provide Board members with the relevant case data. The Dean(s) will convene Discipline Review Board conferences. He or she will document conversations, meetings and conferences relative to involved students. 

The Dean will make reports, referrals and/or recommendations to the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs whenever applicable. 

The Dean may authorize the immediate suspension of a student pending the investigation of a Major Violation. 

Discipline Review Board

The Discipline Review Board is composed of the Assistant Principals, Dean of Discipline, and three appointed faculty members. The Discipline Review Board acts as an advisory board to the Principal, who is not present at Board meetings. The Assistant Principal of Student Affairs may convene the Discipline Review Board for serious or chronic misconduct, or parents may request that the Board meet to revisit disciplinary decisions. In cases where a decision has been made by the school, the Board can recommend to uphold, reduce, or increase the consequence. After the hearing, the Discipline Review Board makes a recommendation to the Principal as to the disposition of the case. This could be either a Behavioral Contract, expulsion or other appropriate action. The Principal makes the final decision in disciplinary matters.

Only parents and the student may attend the Discipline Review Board hearing. Legal counsel is not permitted at Discipline Review Board hearings.

Archdiocesan Grievance Process

If a student or family wishes to contest a decision of the Principal, they may appeal through the Archdiocesan Grievance Process. More information can be requested from the Principal.

* For additional information about the SAHS Discipline Program and Guidelines, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.