SAVE THE DATE: 34th Annual St. Anthony High School Monsignor Gualderon Golf Classic, Monday, June 19th, at El Dorado Park Golf Course. Day and evening fun planned for all!

St. Anthony High School

Long Beach Grand Prix April 7th-9th

Long Beach Grand Prix is coming. Dates of the race are April 7th- 9th 2017
2 spots left for Sunday.
I do need a parent to drive us from SA over to race using the SAHS van. You will get hours for this job.
SAHS parents have an opportunity to work the race for service hours or earn money towards your account.
Here are a few musts!
  1. You  get alcohol training, because we serve beer, wine and margaritas. We will be trained by the caterer.
  2. Even if you took the alcohol training class last year you must take it again this year.
  3. You must work a full day, 12 hours. There is no in/out at this race.
  4. Shifts start at 7:00am and end around 6:00pm
  5. For service hours you will earn 3 hours for the alcohol training and 12 service hours for each day of the race you work.
  6. Parking is terrible down near the race! And it is expensiveWe carpool from SA gym on Friday and courtyard Saturday and Sunday. We use the van and our EV's to get us there and back.
  7.  If you wish to work it for the money you can earn, we won't know how much we earn until about 2 weeks after the race. We do not get an hourly rate. We get a lump sum once all booths sales are tallied on the concourse.
The Details:
  • The Dates are Friday April 7th through Sunday April 9th
  • The Hours will be from 7:00 AM - to approximately 7;00 PM
  • Donation to your Group will be 8% of sales after taxes, contract will come in a separate email
  • Tips will be allowed -tips go toward our overall earnings.
  • All Shifts are ALL DAYthere is no splitting shifts within your group.
  • SAHS will car pool from the gym parking lot.
  • An inventory must be counted at the opening and closing of each day
  • There is a mandatory training for all volunteers over the age of 21 - 
Students do not work in our booth. I will have an opportunity each day for a student to work busing tables and keeping our cantina area clean. Students earn service hours only.
Any questions contact Kelly Jondle, Cell- 562-216-0435, or email
Here are the dates for training:  
Saturday    3/18  9am
Saturday     3/18  1pm
Saturday     3/18  4:30pm
Sunday  3/19  9am
Monday  3/20   6pm
Sunday   3/26   9am
Sunday   3/26   1pm

For information contact Kelly Jondle: cell 562-216-0435  email :