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Goals & Objectives

Develop an interest and understanding of the Church doctrine, scripture and tradition, and the spiritual relationship with Christ by:
  • Providing a four year curriculum in Religious Studies
  • Employing teachers who are models of their faith and of the Philosophy and Mission statements
  • Having a Campus Ministry program that unites the school community in a spirit of prayer and service
  • Proclaiming the Gospel message in the light of the Catholic tradition
  • Working with students in preparing for liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations, retreats, Christian Service, and spiritual growth through prayer services
  • Teaching students how to cultivate a relationship with God Helping the students recognize the relevance of Christian values in their faith centered lives
Integrate Christian truth and values into daily life by:
  • Providing a positive, disciplined atmosphere which will enable students to develop respect for themselves and others, as well as public and private property
  • Encouraging students to apply Christian morality to their daily decision making
  • Modeling a spirit of a true Christian community among school personnel
  • Incorporating Christian values within all areas of the curriculum
Develop the knowledge and skills needed by the student for higher education and lifelong learning by:
  • Hiring qualified teachers
  • Providing a well-balanced, challenging, flexible program of study
  • Assisting students in identifying academic courses suitable for their range of development and completion of school requirements
  • Enabling students to set study goals and priorities consistent with course objectives
  • Encouraging parental involvement in monitoring student progress and home study
  • Helping students develop post-secondary and career goals
  • Capitalizing on the learning styles of students by using a variety of instructional strategies
Develop proper physical and emotional fitness habits by:
  • Providing mandatory health and physical education classes
  • Providing information according to Catholic teachings in subjects related to Substance Abuse, AIDS and Human Sexuality
  • Providing a well-balanced athletic program which promotes competition and sportsmanship
  • Developing the total person, emphasizing the relationship between physical health and emotional well-being
  • Assisting students in developing their emotional health and well-being
Foster an appreciation of self-expression through the curriculum by:
  • Providing an exposure to the world of literature and performing arts by teaching diverse and appropriate methods of self-expression through the liberal arts curriculum
  • Cultivating an appreciation of nature and the environment through Arts and Science
  • Providing a forum for visual and performing arts
Assist students in developing their emotional health and well being by:
  • Providing individual, group and family counseling with either a licensed therapist or intern on a voluntary basis
  • Training peer-counselors to assist their fellow students
  • Providing appropriate referrals to community professionals when needed
  • Providing educational awareness to students and faculty on relevant mental health issues such as Substance Abuse, violence and race relations
Develop in the students’ mutual respect, cooperation and positive inter-personal relationships by:
  • Encouraging greater involvement in extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • Offering a variety of social activities
  • Cultivating a spirit of teamwork and cooperation