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St. Anthony High School

Technology Overview

St. Anthony High School is a technological advanced learning community where students and teachers acquire the knowledge to successfully integrate technology into their daily lives and stay connected to the school community and the world.


The St. Anthony High School iPads For All Program
St. Anthony High School implemented a full one-to-one iPad Program in the Fall of 2012 for the 2012-2013 school year.  We completed this school year with an iPad in the hands of every student on campus.  We are now in the midst of our fourth year of full implementation for every student and teacher on campus.  
Following is a brief summary of St. Anthony’s iPad Program roll-out plan and implementation milestones:   
2010-11 School Year:
  • Formation of Technology Committee made up of staff, faculty and volunteers
  • Research and evaluation of various hand-held computing platforms
  • Recommendation made to St. Anthony High School Advisory Council to select the Apple iPad as our platform of choice; approved
  • Apple presentation to teachers, staff and parents
  • Apple provided training for teachers and staff
  • Outreach to alumni, parent and foundations to assist with start-up funding for the Program 
2011-12 School Year:
  • First funding received from alumni donors to fund Phase One implementation
  • iPads for every teacher purchased outright
  • iPads deployed to teachers with set-up and initial training
  • Ongoing iPad training for teachers and key staff members
  • Full assessment, implementation and testing of a wireless campus network
  • Integration of iPad technology into classroom teaching
  • Selection of e-textbooks to replace many textbooks for use in 2012-13
  • Search process for Information and Educational Technology
2012-2013 School Year:
  • Information and Educational Technology Manager hired as full-time support for
  • Upgraded wireless communication speed
  • Acceptable Use Policy developed
  • Continued grant writing and community outreach to donors to assist with funding for St. Anthony’s most needy students (poverty level) and ensure equitable access to technology
  • Developed iPad Program fee structure for students to include hardware, apps, infrastructure and IT support
  • iPads purchased (cash) for every student, all new teachers and key staff
  • Technology Training integrated into Freshman Study Skills Class
  • Training provided to all students and parents on an ongoing basis
  • Continued teacher training and solutions networking throughout the year
  • iPads utilized daily by students, facilitating student organization and homework management
  • iPads utilized daily by students as an organized note-taking tool and student planner to assist with time management and homework assignments
  • iPads providing online research capability
  • iPads facilitating individual and group work and communication
  • iPads enabling management of quizzes and tests
  • iPads providing a platform for video or audio copies of lectures
  • iPads replacing English and foreign language dictionaries and thesauruses
  • iPads used as calculators for math and science classes
  • Teachers directed to select e-textbooks for the coming school year to meet their curriculum needs
  • Grants received for funding needy students to provide equity of access to technology
  • The “iPaduan” Genius Club formed made up of talented students who provide technical support to St. Anthony High School, under the direction of the IT Manager 
2013-2014 School Year:
  • Graduating students purchased their iPads for a $1.00 fee, ownership transferred from school to individual
  • Continuing students returned iPads to IT Manager for summer maintenance and configuration
  • New iPads ordered for incoming freshman class, transfer students and new teachers
  • Agreement signed with ESCO to provide e-textbooks for all classes for new school year
  • Developed procedures for students to order and pay for textbooks online
  • Student textbooks and “printed materials” installed on iPads for all students
  • Teachers received training to enable them to utilize iTunes University courses and create their own textbooks around Common Core Standards
  • Training and troubleshooting provided throughout the year to teachers, staff, students and parents
  • St. Anthony participated in a variety of Technology Conferences throughout the year, both attending and presenting
  • Technology Tours provided on campus to interested schools, both public and private, coming from all over Southern California and other states. 
In the following school years, the Technology Team continued evolving the Ipads For All Program as an integral part of St. Anthony High School's curriculum and academic success, preparing students for college and greater contribution throughout their lives. Teacher training is conducted throughout the year, along with peer-to-peer mentoring. A team of tech-savvy students work with the IT Manager as "iPaduans", providing support for other students and to the program overall. The Acceptable Use Policy is updated annually and additional security and monitoring of use was implemented in the 2015-16 school year.  In 2015 as well, the school's internet line was upgraded to increase speed and reliability.
Wifi was extended beyond the main campus to the Gymnasium, and in 2015, a new building was fully opened for student use - the Science Building - following a two year renovation project.  This building is also fully wifi-compatible and integrated with our network. 
Plans for the 2015-2016 school year include:
  • Implementation of CAT6 wiring in the A, B and L Buildings (S Building is already CAT6)
  • Implementation of VOIP, replacing our current phone, intercom and bell system.
  • Planning and securing funding to implement a new PC Lab in the Caruso Library to accommodate growing need for stand-alone computers that can accommodate STEAM curriculum.
  • Extension of video monitoring throughout all buildings on campus for additional security.
A few other schools have implemented an iPad Program that appears to be similar to St. Anthony High School’s, but in fact they are different. Every student and teacher has an iPad, regardless of economic status.  The iPad is used by every teacher in every classroom every day as an integral part of learning.  All textbook and course materials are available on the iPad.  Our program is not financed, it is funded yearly, in advance, thanks to a comprehensive student program fee structure and the support of our generous donors, a combination of alumni and foundations who share our mission and belief in equal access to technology for all our youth, regardless of economic need.   
The “Miracle at St. Anthony” is that while we are a relatively small Catholic college preparatory high school with a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students representing all ethnicities and economic backgrounds, we have managed to build the infrastructure to support advanced technology as well as put this new technology in the hands of every student via one-to-one technology to enhance their learning experience and prepare them for success in college and in life.  For the last seven years, 100% of St. Anthony’s graduates have gone on to attend college, and 72% of last year’s graduates are attending four year universities this year.